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May 19

Kyle Nolla

Kyle Nolla is a PhD student at Northwestern University. Follow Kyle @kylenolla (for research) and @drpiggyphd (for everything else).

May 15

Maureen Berg

Maureen Berg is a PhD student at UC Berkeley. Follow Maureen @MaureenBug

May 12

Hanna Isotalus

Hanna Isotalus is a PhD student at the University of Bristol. Follow Hanna @hisotalus

May 08

Dominique Simmons

Dominique Simons is an Applied Research Scientist at Dimensional Mechanics. Follow Dominique on Twitter @artsci00

May 05

Meredyth Wegener

Meredyth Wegener is a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh. Follow Meredyth on Twitter @whynotwegener

May 02

Sara MacSorley

Dr. Sara MacSorley the author of “Super Cool Scientists” and Director of Green Street Arts Center and PIMMS at Wesleyan University. You can follow her at @SMacSorley and @SuperCoolSci.

May 01

Crystal Lantz

Crystal Lantz is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland- College Park. Follow Crystal on Twitter @BoozyBrain

March 16

Sue Fletcher-Watson

Sue Fletcher-Watson is a Research Fellow at University of Edinburgh in Psychology. Follow Sue on Twitter @suereviews

March 15

Mikaela Sifuentes

Mikaela Sifuentes is a PhD Candidate in Neuroscience at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Follow her on Twitter @neuro_file.